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Print Manager Plus is an out of the box 100% software based Print Management system which can be easily molded to any Library environment for Ease of Use and complete affordability. This special bundle just for Libraries includes a license of Print Manager Plus and the WebAdvantage Suite Option. No Hardware, No Cash Machines, and No Hassle!

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Print Manager Plus Library Bundle

Built for a single Windows print server with a basic network setup. Includes a single license of Print Manager Plus Single Server Edition and the WebAdvantage Option. Read More

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Client Billing Option
Reports Center Option
WebAdvantage Suite
Workstation Agent

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Features at a Glance

  • Simple to Install and Easy to Use.
  • No Hardware, No Cash Machines, and No Hassle!
  • Monitor all Printing Traffic.
  • Monitor all Printing Costs.
  • Set Printing Quotas.
  • Set Printing Restrictions.
  • Includes Print Job Authentication via Release Station.
  • Includes Print Job Payment via Release Station.
  • Over 129 Print Traffic Reports, & Graphs included.
  • Runs on Windows Server or Workstation.
  • Monitors printing from any Operating System.
  • Monitors any and all Printers Makes and Models.
  • Library Edition includes the WebAdvantage Suite Option.-Learn More

Manage Users, User Groups, Organizational Units, Printers, and Print Traffic over your network and have full control of your printing resources with Print Manager Plus Network Enterprise Edition.

Small to Medium size companies have many department budgetary needs. One of these is printing, which includes monies dispersed for Toner, Paper, Printers, and Maintenance. Now with Print Manager Plus you can Control and Manage that budget with precision. You can use Print Manager Plus to Manage user printing across a department or your entire organization.

Monitor all printing with over 129 detailed premade reports and Graphs that allow you to see who are printing, what they are printing, and the cost of that printing. Bill back department budgets or just examine overall print traffic. Dissuade employees from printing personal documents, pictures, and emails. Implement Data Loss Prevention with over 10 permission based restrictions or even hard quotas.

Irresponsible printing puts a strain on your company’s budget and Print Manager Plus can eliminate wasted printing by up to 50% or more on a single network.

If you’re printing environment is a network using Active Directory, or just a simple Workgroup setup Print Manager Plus is the product for you. The efficiency and speed of the product is transparent to the user.

The product can track any Operating System and uses Windows Server or Workstation to run from. Once the product is installed it changes nothing in Windows and its Ease of Use has made it the #1 Print Management software on the market today.

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Customers Include:

  • Cleveland County Library System
  • Balch Springs Public Library
  • Barbados Community College Library
  • Bozeman High School Library
  • Calumet City Public Library
  • Cornwall Public Library
  • Edinburg Public Library
  • Euclid Public Library
  • Hays Public Library
  • Jackson George Regional Library
  • La Joya Municipal Library
  • Las Vegas-Clark County Library
  • Las-Vegas Clark County Library
  • McAllen Memorial Library
  • N. Eastern Education and Library Board
  • New Castle Public Library
  • Ocean County Library
  • Royal School of Library & Info. Science
  • Sammy Brown Library
  • Screven-Jenkins Public Library
  • The British Library
  • Tornillo Junior High Library
  • Transylvania County Library
  • U.S. Court Of Appeals Library
  • U.S. Court Of Appeals Library
  • Weslaco Public Library

What Reviews Say

"PMP is a perfect complement to Windows' built-in printer management features... In larger organizations, though, the software licenses will tend to pay for themselves because organizations using Print Manager Plus will save money each month as excessive printing is gradually reduced." — TechRepublic Review by Brien M. Posey MCSE

“Overall, I found Print Manager Plus very easy to install and manage. …for schools, universities or facilities houses which charge for a service it could be a real boon. Recommendation is mandatory.” — PC-PRO Magazine Review by Jon Honeyball

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We can guarantee that you will be surprised by the savings even with conservative estimates!

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